Custom Software Development Services

Nexa Soul is a technology company creating bespoke solutions from scratch for a business of any scale. We can handle all aspects of your projects from ideation to deployment. We also offer post-deployment services, including maintenance, and support.

Our Process

Discovery & Ideation

This is when we get to know you, the problems you face, your needs, and how you would like to prosper. Through consulting and research, we develop powerful insights that fuel the entire project cycle more synchronous to your vision of things to come.


After having considered your needs, we will meticulously plan the development process. This means defining goals and objectives, schedules of a project, resource allocation, and a road map for the entire development phase.


In the design phase, intuitive user experiences and appealing interfaces will be designed. By iterating through wireframing, prototyping, and feedback loops, we ensure that the final product not only meets your design needs but also that your product will be more usable with enhanced functionality.


During this phase, the real transformation occurs. Our experienced developers breathe life into the design by translating ideas into full-fledged software. From coding and testing to refining the product through numerous iterations, we use cutting-edge technologies and best practices to deliver a product that satisfies your specifications and quality expectations.

Deployment & Maintenance

once the software is developed, we deploy it and ensure that it reaches the production environment with full efficiency. That's not all. Our services take place even in the context of maintenance and support, whereby issues are resolved, updated versions are put in place, and all aspects of performance optimization are overseen over the course of its entire life cycle.

When to Consider Custom Development?

Technologies we use

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